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Ravina Deogadkar
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The Most Underrated Tools Every Developer Must Know: Part 1

Yes you heard it right! I am going to share some of tools that will save lots of your time in coding, Your productivity will be increased....

Hi all, I am a software developer with mid level experience in building code and developing software. In my free time I like to explore twitter and developer resources. Along the way I came across lots of resources that I bookmark and use it later. I am going to share some of the resources every weekend so stay tuned!

What: This site takes JSON string as input and generates Javascript object.
How: You can paste JSON string or just upload the json file.
Security: It is completely safe, entire processing happens at client side and no data is send to server side.

JSON to JS Object

What: This site converts JSON string into C# POJO classes. which will take a hour to identify and establish relationship between objects.
How: You can paste JSON string and click on convert.
Security: Data is moved to server and processed on server ( not saving any where) and then send back as per their privacy policy.

JSON to C# object

You can use this site to convert JSON/XML to POJO classes in another language as well.

Note: All though they are not saving data it is still recommended to not expose data with top most privacy.

As a developer we most of the time work with the projects and clients where data security is of top concerns. We cannot trust rather not recommended by clients to expose our data to any online sites, then how to deal with those data? Do we need to create POJO class manually?

Stay Tuned! In my next post I will mention some Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code tricks that will create POJO's in seconds.

Happy Coding!...

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