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Swastik Baranwal
Swastik Baranwal

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What would you do if you had a Time Machine?

If I had a Time Machine then I would probably won't ever use it because it will affect my present if I tried to travel and altered my past and future. What I have now, I may not have now as you have to give sacrifices to achieve in life and you learn lessons when you make mistakes and improve further. At least that's my way of thinking.

So if you had a time machine then what you would do?

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Deepak Raj • Edited on

If you will try to change the past It will not effect your present It will create alternate timeline.
It will also explain Time Paradox.

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Lewis kori

Absolutely. Check out dark on Netflix if you want to get your mind blown by the whole time travel concept.

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Deepak Raj

It's already in my bucket list. Thanks for reminding me.

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Sunny Golovine • Edited on
  • Go back in time 1 day and take all the closing stock prices with me, you could make billions in just a single day

  • Go back to the day twitter launched and reserve my 1 lettter username (might be an ass and just reserve all 23).

  • Also reserve the handle @israel (the state of Israel allegedly paid the owner of the handle 1 million dollars for it)

  • Go back to WW2 and kill hitler

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Matt Ellen

Obviously go into the future to get an almanac of all the sports results for the next 100 years, go back to just after I left and use the book to make money gambling.

Just call me Biff.

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Rafi • Edited on

Make sure more than 10 days was spent on creating Javascript.

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Deepak Raj

This is really interesting

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I'd go back to Egypt and teach them a bunch of mathematics.

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Zohar Peled

I'll let your great great great great great grandchild know how it turned out after I'll go back to 2525....

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Louis Connors

Probably tell Justin Wong that Diago is going to parry his super combo if he goes for it.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Make good profile always since young.

Technically, that should be impossible, as if you haven't perceived, how did you learn?

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Swastik Baranwal Author

Well, it cannot be done now. There are very few youngsters who utilize their time to learn more.

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Mujahid Bappai

I'd go back to when bitcoin was less than a dollar.

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Ganesh Raja

I would love to Go back to the origin of the universe or Triassic period and watch the marvels of universe. There are so many things in so many time period I would love to watch.

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Chun Poon

Stay right where I am.

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Jethro May

I would have picked up coding a lot sooner in life and pushed harder at it while I was younger.

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Vitor Paladini

I would teach myself some VS Code shortcuts 😄