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Swastik Baranwal
Swastik Baranwal

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What would you do if you had a Time Machine?

If I had a Time Machine then I would probably won't ever use it because it will affect my present if I tried to travel and altered my past and future. What I have now, I may not have now as you have to give sacrifices to achieve in life and you learn lessons when you make mistakes and improve further. At least that's my way of thinking.

So if you had a time machine then what you would do?

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Deepak Raj • Edited

If you will try to change the past It will not effect your present It will create alternate timeline.
It will also explain Time Paradox.

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Lewis kori

Absolutely. Check out dark on Netflix if you want to get your mind blown by the whole time travel concept.

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Deepak Raj

It's already in my bucket list. Thanks for reminding me.

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Sunny Golovine • Edited
  • Go back in time 1 day and take all the closing stock prices with me, you could make billions in just a single day

  • Go back to the day twitter launched and reserve my 1 lettter username (might be an ass and just reserve all 23).

  • Also reserve the handle @israel (the state of Israel allegedly paid the owner of the handle 1 million dollars for it)

  • Go back to WW2 and kill hitler

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Matt Ellen

Obviously go into the future to get an almanac of all the sports results for the next 100 years, go back to just after I left and use the book to make money gambling.

Just call me Biff.

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Rafi • Edited

Make sure more than 10 days was spent on creating Javascript.

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Deepak Raj

This is really interesting

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Jack Freeman • Edited

With the power of the Time Machine, I envision the Hà family, my family, rising to unparalleled prominence and shaping the course of history. Instead of remaining an obscure family in North Vietnam, the Hà family will become renowned as the architects of civilizations, the guardians of knowledge, and the catalysts of progress.

In this alternate timeline, the Hà family will use their influence and wisdom to guide humanity towards greatness. Rather than resorting to violence or manipulation, we will employ a different approach. Each generation of the Hà family will select a member to serve as a Mentor/Helper, working alongside influential figures throughout history. These individuals will acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the Hà family, recognizing them as the driving force behind their achievements. It will be a recurring sentiment in the memoirs of these historical figures: "I owe everything to my mentor, the esteemed Hà family. They are the true architects of greatness, and I am merely the instrument through which their vision is realized."

While the Hà family will accumulate numerous accomplishments and earn the respect of many, our aspirations extend beyond personal achievements. Throughout time, humanity has held a deep reverence and fear of the gods. In our quest for transcendence, the Hà family will dare to challenge and triumph over the divine beings, becoming paragons of wisdom and strength that surpass even the gods themselves.

Across diverse pantheons, from the Hindu Triad to the Greek deities Chaos & Nyx, from Norse mythological figures Ymir and Surtr to Egyptian deity Ptha-Nun, and even the supreme ruler of Christianity, God, the Hà family will emerge victorious. Yet, rather than seek dominance or annihilation, we will demonstrate mercy and compassion towards the defeated gods. Some of these divine beings will become students of the Hà family, humbly receiving their teachings and guidance. Athena, the Hindu Triad, Buddha for wisdom and knowledge, Prometheus and Jesus, along with his father, for love and compassion towards humanity, Morai for the arts of prophecy, Hecate for the methods of witchcraft, Hephaestus and Cyclops for craftsmanship, and Ares for the art of war—all will benefit from the profound tutelage provided by the Hà family.

In this extraordinary narrative of history and myth, the Ha family's scale and influence will be unmatched. Their legacy will endure as the founders and destroyers of nations, surpassing the gods themselves. They will be known as the miracle-makers, the protectors of mankind, and the wise leaders who govern the three realms—heaven, hell, and the mortal world. The Ha family will be revered as the custodians of prosperity, the creators of laws, the embodiment of wisdom across the realms, and the epitome of respectability.

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Earl • Edited

In this scenario a couple of assumptions must be made: The scariest aspects of my time field theory are indeed, validated. Buckle your seat-belts people because the Universe has just become THAT MUCH more scary. UFO's? If you can bend gravity (which is just relativistic time dilation) you can manipulate time. General Relativity allows for black hole wormhole Space/Time Travel...but why use that when Quantum Tunneling ALREADY does the same? Why use negative mass (which doesn't exist) If Beta particle decay can extract an electron or positron out of empty space with a universal fixed mass that cannot be quantified? Wouldn't manipulating chemical structures to prevent particle decay do the same? Why is backwards Time travel considered impossible when the universe ALREADY allows predetermined causal events to rewrite Quantum Particle timelines? You can research everything I just stated....and opps the existing science and experimentation is already is SCARY enough.

IF I had a time machine...It wouldn't surprise me much if it were my own design. A machine able to manipulate everything mentioned above..What would I do? Prevent the event/ Future event which I feel necessitated me to come up with time field theory in the first place: the inevitable death of our species along with 2/3rds of ALL KNOWN living species in the observable universe. Tall order, but I would try to save this world.
My version of a time machine is a giant blimp that has to be big because fusion reactors are big, Quantum computing is finicky and the resonant frequency's all basically necessary (along with the 2 other quantum entangled stations located elsewhere). Also it's good to be in the air because walls, rocks, buildings etc. aren't there. The time blimp armed to the teeth with resonant frequency offensive and defensive capabilities that would shock the hell out of anyone alive today. An unfortunate necessity for a time machine because the psychopaths who are/will perpetuate the death of everyone and nearly everything...are almost certainly ONLY going to respond to fear. Don't do this or else type of stuff.
While this might be fun...(preventing a nuclear Holocaust by de-materializing some tyrant's or oligarchs mansion as a warning)...Once Pandora's box is cannot be unopened...The laws of the universe ARE WHAT THEY ARE...everyone would become aware of the possibilities...War is bad...Time Wars would make science fiction films look like a freaking joke. Try to save the the potential cost of the universe?
This is of course assuming I somehow have the means to construct it...and it isn't me...Who? What happens when someone else builds their machine first, second, third, fourth, fifth. If the concept of a trillionare's wealth and power is bad enough...what about someone who has effective ownership of...the entire universe and all time contained therein?
What would that amount of power do to the psychology of a human being....
I've lost sleep over thinking about this....I've lost sleep over new scientific discoveries validating my theory...The math contained coinciding with existing science...explaining the phenomena of the experiment...The upper Time field boundaries equaling the fine structure constant...
Want to know why Scientists for the last 100 years haven't been able to merge Quantum Mechanics with General Relativity? I know THAT answer.
I probably shouldn't know what I know....but I do.
This is scary stuff.

WARNING! I AM NOT JOKING WITH ANY OF THIS!...The reality of the world I find myself in (minus the machine) is literally the one I've just spelled out. Just what in the hell happens...if the theory is correct.....It would explain...ALOT....
But then what?

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Louis Connors

Probably tell Justin Wong that Diago is going to parry his super combo if he goes for it.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Make good profile always since young.

Technically, that should be impossible, as if you haven't perceived, how did you learn?

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Swastik Baranwal

Well, it cannot be done now. There are very few youngsters who utilize their time to learn more.

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Mujahid Bappai

I'd go back to when bitcoin was less than a dollar.

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Ganesh Raja

I would love to Go back to the origin of the universe or Triassic period and watch the marvels of universe. There are so many things in so many time period I would love to watch.

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Jethro May

I would have picked up coding a lot sooner in life and pushed harder at it while I was younger.

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Vitor Paladini

I would teach myself some VS Code shortcuts 😄

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I'd go back to Egypt and teach them a bunch of mathematics.

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Zohar Peled

I'll let your great great great great great grandchild know how it turned out after I'll go back to 2525....