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ML - How it all started?

There maybe a question in your mind how it all started back then? I mean by the machine learning and artificial intelligence stuff. Well, we know it started by a thought of helping humans to reduce their working amount, to help them and to make machines work with humans like humans. And it all started back then in 1950 when Alan Turing creates the “Turing Test” to determine if a computer has real intelligence. Arthur Samuel invented machine learning and coined the phrase “machine learning” in 1952. He is revered as the father of machine learning. And then the development in this field never ever stops till now. Now, we have more advanced things in this field. Whether it's IBM Watson, Google brains, DeepFace, and even many more advanced algorithms like AlphaGo and others.

Let's look it from a little different perspective. So, maybe it all also started from data. Yeah you heard right, from data. In beginning, we were just storing data on papers using pens but it require more human work and then the data starts growing, computers come into play, more advancement happened and we started using spreadsheets like excel files & csv files to store data. And people can analyze these files data to get an insight & make business decisions & can also predict about things based on this data. This is what we call Data Analysis.

As the data grow more & more, we come with idea of relational databases to organize and understand things in a better way. And later we come up with term Big Data, its' a lot of data & can't be saved & managed in spreadsheets.

And sometimes aside from this structured data, we have messy unstructured data & so, we come up with NoSQL & databases like mongo. And then this idea of ML comes as we can't look in that much data manually and make decisions. We could but then we are just wasting a lot of data & time so, big companies start using massive data to train machines so that they can recommend users according to their searches and what they like and similar things.

So, isn't it right if we say the idea of ML initially came with the idea to use big amount of data and due to advancement in CPU, GPU and whole technology. Spreadsheets like excel files & csv files are used to store data. And people can analyze these files data to get an insight & make business decisions & can also predict about things based on data.
Well, it's not that hard to relate all these things. And we are still progressing in this area so, you can imagine how things are going to change in near future.

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