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2021 Wrapped

What a year 2021 has been! It has easily been the year I’ve upgraded the most in tech, from undertaking various courses to taking part in events to my first ever kaggle competition, last year was absolutely mind blowing!

I started the year with an introductory course on AI, followed by a course on ML and introduction to Data Science in Python. Amidst these courses, I also attended Google I/O, which honestly was such a turning point for me! Attending keynotes and other events was exhilarating but nothing can match the experience I had of being able to interact with women in tech from all around the world! Being the youngest in all the groups, I received lots of advice on how to advance in the field. I connected with quite a few of them on LinkedIn and they were all such incredible women that have definitely been one of the major inspirations for me to keep learning this year!

I also made a few projects, used GitHub for the first time (took me over a day to figure out the basics but it was so worth it!!), and hosted my projects there. Following this, I attended a Kaggle event on ML through which I got to take part in my first ever Kaggle competition and a few mini courses along the way.

I did a few labs on GCP throughout the year. I also took part in my first ever open source program, GirlScript Winter of Contributing where I mainly contributed under the domain of Data Science With Python. I have learnt so much from my mentors and supervisors, it’s honestly quite hard to put into words! Hacktoberfest’21 was a whole new experience too. Finding repos and making valid and meaningful contributions was incredibly fun.

Oh and I also published my first ever blog! I’ve always been passionate about writing but clubbing that with my love for tech was just something else.

Last year I mainly expanded my knowledge in ML, AI and data science so carring that forward, this year I would love to explore a few more fields and decide what I would like to begin my career in.

Thank you so much for this wonderful year, with even more wonderful experiences! I have grown so much this year, and the credit goes to the entire tech community!

Wishing you all the very best for 2022.

I would love to connect with you all, please drop me a message if you’d like! :))

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Asmit Malakannawar

Very well articulated, glad to hear about your experiences and learnings.

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Deepesha Burse Author