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Do we need Axios having the fetch API everywhere?

What do you prefer?
Is there a reason to use Axios these times?

In my opinion there is almost no reason to do so and I would suggest to get rid of another dependency, making things more lean and easier to understand.

At least thank you for your work Axios team. It helped a lot in the old times before fetch.

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JoelBonetR 🥇

Axios just adds error management and a bit of sugar.

Are two things that for me doesn't justify the addition Axios as dependency (which by the way rely on other libs).

Fetch is pretty easy to use and straightforward as well so no, I don't use Axios, fetch is more than enough.

By the way Fetch is comming to Node core API in Node v.17 and we're currently in the 16.16.0 LTS so in few time we'll get fetch everywhere for real 😁

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Jacob Evans

Just using fetch or a simple wrapper around fetch is all you need most of the time. Currently at work we use the Node builtin fetch Undici now.