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My first PR was DEV-inspired, but not DEV-specific:

Create Rust/Hyper app #8

This app functions, but does not pass the starting HTML test. The provided test requires an item list like:


My template is generating the following:



I initially attempted to strip the whitespace in the test but it still doesn't quite alleviate the discrepancy between my output and the test's, though I believe they are functionally equivalent. I couldn't figure out how to omit the newline, I'll re-submit if I do or anyone has a tip.

What struck me most was how normal it felt to do. My New-Year's resolution for 2019 was to open a PR and have it merged, and I'd been building it up in my head as this massive undertaking. Some sort of huge leap forward in terms of my knowledge and career.

It was nothing of the sort. I just wrote some code that did the thing and submitted it, much like I do every single day to my own profile. Dave accepted it within a day, and life moved on. I am proud that code I've produced has escaped the confines of my own GH page, but what struck me most was how blasé the whole experience was. It completely stripped the aura of insurmountability from the process, and I went on to make a few more trivial PRs later that week. It's just not that big a deal, after all.

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