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re: Me no write well, me talk pretty one day. 😁 Seriously, I struggle with getting ‘lost in the weeds’. Like laser focusing on a task/user-story tha...

lol I'm write (just kidding... "right") there with you. It's hard to talk in your native language when you spend all day writing and thinking in another one....

I challenge you to set a timer. Set it for what you feel is appropriate (10, 20 minutes) and when it goes off, ask yourself if you think you're still on track or if you've gone dune-buggin.


I love the term dune-buggin. That's exactly what it feels like too; it still feels fun, but once you look up to the horizon, you're not exactly sure where you are or where you're going.

Glad you liked that, I made it up on the fly. But it's true. Just make sure to check in once in a while. You got this!

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