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Me no write well, me talk pretty one day. 😁

Seriously, I struggle with getting ‘lost in the weeds’. Like laser focusing on a task/user-story that ends up not bringing value to the business.


lol I'm write (just kidding... "right") there with you. It's hard to talk in your native language when you spend all day writing and thinking in another one....

I challenge you to set a timer. Set it for what you feel is appropriate (10, 20 minutes) and when it goes off, ask yourself if you think you're still on track or if you've gone dune-buggin.


I love the term dune-buggin. That's exactly what it feels like too; it still feels fun, but once you look up to the horizon, you're not exactly sure where you are or where you're going.

Glad you liked that, I made it up on the fly. But it's true. Just make sure to check in once in a while. You got this!

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