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Decentraland for Decentraland

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Decentraland Game Jam, $250,000 USD in prizes, September 16-30

A two-week online event, building interactive 3D content for Decentraland – the first blockchain-based virtual world.

Blockchain is transforming the gaming industry, adopted by established companies such as Samsung, Ubisoft, HTC and Kakao Games.

The blockchain allows for unprecedented mechanics in gaming, such as

earn-to-play, allowing players to monetize their skills;
true ownership of virtual goods, which lets you trade what you own in global open markets;

verified scarcity and provable fairness, meaning you can verify the exact supply and rules that affect your items and the games you play;

and interoperability of virtual items, so that the skins you purchased for one game can be used in a different franchise
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For more details, read the Game Jam Survival Guide

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