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The Magic of Hot Reloading in React


Have you ever been working on a React app and found yourself continuously refreshing the page whenever you changed to see the updates? It can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Well, that's where hot reloading or HMR (Hot Module Replacement) comes in. It's a feature that allows React developers to update their applications in real-time as they write code. This means that every time you change a component, the UI is updated instantly without the need to manually refresh the entire page.

How it works?

Hot Reloading Process Diagram

Hot reloading is particularly useful when you're fine-tuning the UI or fixing bugs. It helps maintain the state of your application and preserves the application state, which means you won't have to worry about resetting data every time you make a change. The magic of hot reloading is the result of tools like Webpack and Babel, which are often bundled together in popular React boilerplates. These tools monitor your project files for changes and quickly recompile the changed module in memory for speed. The best part is that it only replaces the changed modules in the running application, which helps to preserve the application state.

Why is it required?

Hot reloading offers numerous benefits to developers, including increased productivity, enhanced focus, and error resilience. With hot reloading, developers can speed up the feedback loop and iterate more quickly on their designs and code. It also helps maintain their flow state and stay focused on solving problems by eliminating the need to refresh the browser manually. If a hot reload introduces a runtime error, developers can fix the error and save the file again to reset the state, often without needing to restart the development server. Overall, hot reloading is a game-changer for React developers, and it significantly enhances the development experience.


There is no doubt that Hot Reloading is one of the best features that you can get in the modern frontend development process. If you like this blog and you want to learn more about Frontend Development and Software Engineering you can follow me on

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