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Affiliate Magnet dev notes + Future plans

Hello there, I am Deathvenom, the developer of Affiliate Magnet. In this post, I wish to convey my plans for the future for the bot, and also do a little survey.

I have not worked on Affiliate Magnet for a while, but I will begin active development on it soon. Before that, I would like to inform my active users, as well as collect some feedback.

Future plans

Whitelisted roles

A highly requested feature is a whitelist. Once added, you will be able to whitelist some roles. This means that if someone posts a link and has a whitelisted role, the bot will not do anything to it. This can be useful to ensure that your moderators and trusted members are not annoyed by it.

Better /set command

Discord recently added modals, which allow bots to show dedicated "input screens". I plan to use these to to simplify the /set commands

An example modal

Once discord.js adds support for modals, I will combine separate commands like /set amazon affiliate_tag and /set amazon replace_mode into a simple single command /set amazon, which would open a modal with all options.

What will this achieve? Moving to modals will tackle the current "command spam" situation we have right now, and make it convenient to add support for a lot of websites!

The current command spam situation


I would be glad if you could fill out this short survey, which would inform me of things that need to be improved and some problems to address.

For updates, feel free to follow the #aff-mag-updates channel from the support server to your own server.

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day!

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