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Start a Graphic Design Blog

Using Blogging Tools to Promote A Designer's Services

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Blogs are often seen as little more than an online diary, but they can be used as a powerful marketing tool for all types of businesses.
A blog can be a useful tool for a Graphic Designer. This can be a great way to showcase a Graphic Designer's work as well as a way to reach out and connect with other Graphic Designers and potential clients from around the world.

A blog used to be firmly in the terrain of technically inclined people, however over recent years free services such as Blogger and Wordpress have bought the writing and maintenance of a blog firmly within the reach of people with even the most rudimentary of technical skills.

A Graphic Designer can quickly set up a blog using one of the free blog services and start to share their words and designs with others without any form of technical knowledge.

Why Start a Graphic Design Blog?

There are many reasons why people keep blogs. For a Graphic Designer, some of the key reasons why keeping a blog will be beneficial include:

  • Showcase – a blog is a great platform to showcase work. This can include finished projects as well as work in progress or at the drawing board stage. The work can be viewed by people from around the world and if the blog owner allows comments, people can leave comments about a particular piece. This is a great way to receive feedback.
  • Connect with fellow Designers – the blog community is a great way to connect with fellow Graphic Designers. Not only is this useful for networking, but it can also be a useful way to learn new skills. Many graphic designers write how-to articles or tutorials on their blogs and this can be an invaluable source of information.
  • Portfolio – a blog can be a good way for potential clients to find out more about a Graphic Designer and their work. It can add a dimension that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Through a blog a Graphic Designer has the opportunity to show their credentials in a variety of ways.
  • Revenue – successful blogs can be monetized to bring in a revenue stream. The amount of revenue that a blog can generate varies tremendously. A blog can generate very small amounts of irregular income through to significant sums. This can be achieved through offering advertising, running programs such as Google Adsense or taking part in affiliate programs.

A blog can be useful to a graphic designer in many ways and, when used correctly, can be an important business tool.

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