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8 key reasons to use Django for your web project

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Django is a framework written in Python programming language to ease the creation of database-driven websites. Major features of this framework are less code usage, fast-paced development, and the “do not repeat yourself” principle. Being a Python framework, it enlarges the functionality of this programming language as well as adds new features. For example, it can create, edit and update dynamic interfaces. There are a lot of websites built with the Django framework - Instagram, The Washington Times, Bitbucket, and many others are among them. In this article, we will discuss why to use the Django framework in your web project.

8 key reasons to use Django for your web project

Django is a popular framework that originates from Python. Web developers worldwide select it for almost any type of project in terms of its scalability and flexibility. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s find out other reasons below!

Batteries included

Django follows the “Batteries included” approach inherited from Python, which became the 2nd most popular programming language, according to GitHub's State of the Octoverse. This means that common functionality to create full-fledged web applications comes with the framework. Developers do not have to install some additional tools or software in order to work with Django. It allows them to create user authentication panels, admin panels, and forms. Moreover, Django is also compatible with ORM which makes database creation easier.

DRY and KISS compliant

Django developers stick to the DRY (do not repeat yourself) principle. It means that some frequently used pieces of code need to be used as templates. It provides a vast opportunity for code reuse as well as makes the development process faster, simpler and more effective. Moreover, it helps developers avoid redundancy and bugs. Django also follows the KISS principle that is generally understood as “keep it short and simple.” It means that the code is simple, easy to read and understandable. Not only does it help reduce complexity, but it also simplifies the automated testing process and makes it efficient.

Secure & up-to-date

When building a secure site, Django framework is here to stay. This framework is highly secure - it has effective encryption packages as well as built-in protection. It also receives security patches regularly, and even old versions of this framework still get the security patches. Long-term support (LTS) versions of Django typically receive updates for a three-year period. All these features make Django the first choice to develop a secure site or web application.


This is one of the special features which distinguish Django from other frameworks. Working well with search engine optimization, its complicated algorithm analyzes all websites and identifies whether your website meets certain criteria or not. In addition to that, Django provides an opportunity to develop the website following all SEO principles. Creating the website through the URL without the use of IP addresses on the servers makes it easier for search engines to add websites to the index that improves their SEO ranking.

Suitable for any project

Django is a very universal framework used for absolutely any web project: from a simple website to a complex application. It is full of useful features that web developers can use when working on a project. In addition to that, the Django framework is scalable that provides significant opportunities for high-load projects. Web applications built with this framework are easy to adjust for substantial volumes of information. Moreover, Django runs on all popular platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows and supports databases such as PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle and SQLite. All these features open up numerous opportunities for the development of web applications of any type and complexity.

Compatible with DevOps

Your project can be enhanced by using the DevOps methodology. Not only does it enable faster deployment, but it also shortens the development cycle that makes it possible to adapt quickly to any business requirements and speeds up the release. Continuous integration and continuous delivery will automate project builds and tests. This feature will be helpful while building some complex applications. The DevOps approach in Django applications improves team cooperation and operational support that will make your development team more effective and productive.


The Django framework is good not only for complex applications but also for some quick projects that require fast delivery time. This means that Django is great for some MVP projects. Its time-effectiveness and high code reuse allow making some templates out of the code that is frequently used. Django also has a good and structured admin-panel, which also speeds up development. Moreover, this framework has a lot of out-of-the-box libraries and tools that saves a lot of time during the process of web applications development.


Scalability means that framework can be implemented on a project at any level and complexity. Such websites as Instagram generate a lot of data per day and require high quality code. Being flexible and error-free, Django can deal with this load. In addition to that, Django was built from scratch and uses its libraries. Significant amounts of tests and debugging make this language very scalable. This feature makes this framework a universal tool for development.

Final thoughts

To summarize, Django is a well-developed framework that can be used in projects of any complexity and scale. High flexibility, simplicity and efficiency have made this framework extremely popular. Not only does it help you simplify the process of finding Django developers, but its high security capabilities open up ample opportunities to build secure and complex projects. Only by using Django developers for your project can you dramatically reduce the development time, speed up time to market and get a faster return on investment on your product.

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