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I made an infinite canvas to work with LLMs better

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This project came about after talking with a friend who was trying to use ChatGPT to help him write a research paper by doing simple things like incorporating notes, rephrasing sections, building outlines and sub-outlines.

However, he described this process as painful as he needed to constantly be switching windows and tabs for each of these subtasks - each of which required different context (notes that would be copy/pasted into the chat).

I've become convinced that a chat interface is not the right way to work with AI when the process needs to be collaborative and iterative. Which is why I'm building:

You can do things like:

  • Store AI generated text/outlines you like on the canvas that you can then edit directly.
  • Control the context when using chatting or generating outputs with AI (Just connect the dots)
  • Apply the same prompt over multiple inputs (Just connect the dots)
  • Share the canvas with a teammate and collaborate on the same canvas in real-time

Some use cases:

  • Draft that blog post you've been thinking about (hint: try starting with an outline)
  • Plan that trip you've been wanting to take (hint: create your daily itinerary then use the function node to create an hourly itinerary)
  • Draft some social media posts (hint: Add your landing page copy to a text box, connect to a AI Generator node)

Overall, I'm not into this whole replace or a one and done approach to using AI when making things. I'd much rather like to see AI accelerate the tedious parts which is what I'm hoping lxi will do.

Thanks for checking it out and please create a free account and let me know if you have any feedback in the comments!

Built with: sveltekit, Liveblocks, lucia auth, neon

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Martin Muller

Hi Devin. That looks interesting. How is this superior to Miro board?