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5 JavaScript Events You NEED To Know 🌏

Everybody has their favourite JavaScript event. No? Just me? Well, either way, here are 5 more to add to your collection 👇

1. offline and online

These events let you know when your user's network connection drops out or comes back online, respectively. Especially helpful for good UX! 🖼️

2. hashchange

This one is perfect for building single page applications, or updating page content without refresh. #️⃣

3. transitionend

You can use this event to react to when a CSS transition finishes - great for building beautiful user interfaces 📑

4. load

Maybe you want to do something after an image or page is loaded, or you're just curious how long it takes. Either way, this event will fire off when something loads! 🔃

5. scroll

One of my personal favourites, the scroll event lets you know when the user scrolls down the page. You can do plenty of interesting things with this, but keep handlers for this event light, for performance reasons 🚨🏎️

JavaScript DOM Crash Course

You can find a complete course on the JavaScript DOM which goes over some of the topics covered in this post at the link below 👇
Course Thumbnail

Happy coding 🤭

Top comments (5)

khaledmv profile image
Full stack web developer

❤❤❤ Good Job!!

jeffchavez_dev profile image
Jeff Chavez

Cool. I'll use these on my next project.

starboysharma profile image
Pankaj Sharma

Thank you so much for sharing 🧑‍💻😃

joelbonetr profile image

Like it!
In between the FW+Libs flooded mainstream it's good that someone reminds about webstandards and javascript core API including the DOM 😁

sojinsamuel profile image
Sojin Samuel

Thanku dcode

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