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We host dev.to on Heroku. They really streamline and simplify things. There are some solid other companies though, of course.

My personal site is hosted on Github pages but I'd consider switching to Netlify


I think it somewhat depends as well if you want to get involved into handling your own server/vps or you want something more PAAS.

Overall I've used DO, AWS, Rackspace and others, and all cloud providers at times suffer from the 'bad neighbour' effect :).

I even had to argue with rackspace to move me to another node, considering I stopped all traffic, the firewall allowed only my IP over SSH, but the vm had a load over 4. All good after that got moved though.


Depends on how much cash you got and how much operational complexity is required for a given project. In my day job I do a lot of work with AWS. Awesome IaaS with an impressive suite of services. If we're talking enterprise scale where cost is less of an issue I'd go with them. For work outside of my day job, I lean towards Digital Ocean. DO has more focused services and delivers a great product at a cheaper price point than AWS. You can keep operational complexity lower with DO. AWS can involve significant lift on the operations side. The AWS learning curve is steeper but well worth your time!


There are a variety of hosts offering web hosting for different purposes and traffic types like a heavy traffic site if created with WordPress CMS would choose a managed Wordpress hosting. On the other hand, a small or startup site would choose a shared hosting like Bluehost or a similar company that costs low fees.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. SiteGround - economical best shared host, ultimate uptime, high page load speed, multiple data centers, ssd storage, robust security, and quick support experts. However, there are many suitable and reliable Siteground alternative hosts that also deliver excellent services under budget like FastComet, etc.
  2. Kinsta - Perfect for managed Wordpress hosting, powered by Google Cloud platform
  3. Kamatera/Vultr/DigitalOcean - all of them offer excellent cloud hosting at cheap rates along with robust features that include various data centers, support dozens of OS and apps, instant provisioning, and elegant API access.
  4. A2Hosting - they provide cheap VPS with full root access, 24/7 support services, and a broad range of OS selection
  5. TurnKeyInternet - Ultimate place for dedicated servers
  6. Hostinger - Cheapest host for shared hosting plans backed by fast drives and unique control panel (not cPanel though)
  7. HostGator - Yet another great option for all range of sites/apps
  8. AWS - Good for geeks having in-depth knowledge of cloud servers and platforms