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#100DaysOfCode, 3rd round | Python, Flask, Django and more

davidmm1707 profile image David MM🐍 Originally published at ・6 min read

Original post #100DaysOfCode, 3rd round | Python, Flask, Django and more

#100DaysOfCode, 3rd round | Python, Flask, Django and more

100 Days of code

After a successful first #100DaysOfCode challenge where I have learnt Vue.js (and a not so successful one where I failed the second one after doing 3/4 of it), I'm up for my third challenge.

If you are are looking to learn something about Python, Flask, Django, Django Rest Framework and some other things from the Python ecosystem, this post will interest you.

What I'm going to learn on this challenge

#100DaysOfCode Python - What I'm going to learn

I have learnt Vue on my first challenge (in fact, my work nowadays revolves about Vue!) and I have learnt Flutter on my second. What I'm going to learn on my third challenge?

Here's the list:

Disclaimer: The courses, books, training material, etc linked here are the courses I'm going to take. Not a single link is an affiliated one and I don't perceive any money from them.

On a side note, I should rethink my income strategy.


Async Techniques and Examples in Python, video–tutorial by Michael Kennedy (Yes, the one from Talk Python To Me).

Python Threading Tutorial, YouTube by Corey Schafer.

Python Multiprocessing Tutorial, YouTube tutorial by Corey Schafer.

Multithreading in Python, YouTube tutorial by GeeksForGeeks.


Building data-driven web apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy, video-tutorial by Michael Kennedy (Yes, the one from Python Bytes).

Build a SAAS App with Flask, an Udemy course by Nick Janetakis


The Complete Guide to Django REST Framework and Vue JS, an Udemy course by Michele Saba.

Django Waves, a Django + VueJs with WebSockets course by Stan from Netherlands (I don't have more info about him).

Practical Django 2 and Channels 2, ebook by Federico Marani.

Django for Professionals, ebook by William Vincent. I reviewed it here.

Django Rest Framework

Django for APIs: Build web APIs with Python and Django, ebook by William Vincent.

Improve Serialization Performance in Django Rest Framework, article by Haki Benita.


Python Testing with Pytest, ebook by Brian Okken.

Phew, that was quite a lot!

Now, besides having concerns about my sanity, you must be asking…


Well, there is no secret that I love Python. I like to work with Python but at my job nowadays I'm using Vue.js instead of Python with Django as I used to.

But when I come home, I learn Python, because that's what I like to do.

I have been learning about Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup and Scrapy, learning Python libraries, learning how to create SMTP servers and more.

I have used Django on a professional level and also Django Rest Framework. I'm competent with it, but I want more. I want to learn how to write professional Django: Testing, Celery, WebSockets, caching with Redis, etc.

I want to write fast, good, tested Django code.

And also I want to learn Flask for fun. While I'm not looking any Flask job (but they are welcome!), knowing Python and Django, learning Flask should be easy and it will help me to learn Django on a deeper level.

As a reader, why should I care?

#100DaysOfCode Python - Why you should care

Now you may be asking, "Why should I care about what a random person does?" (My name is David, by the way. Pleased to meet you).

Good question. Here's the answer:

As I finish each book, lesson, video or article, I'm going to write a few lines of what I have learnt and my thoughts about the resource. This way you have at your disposal a series of links about the topic you want and what YOU can learn too.

Maybe you are looking to learn Flask to create a Saas. Maybe you want to learn about how to do a whole solution with Python as your BackEnd language.

This post is aimed to help you too, so bookmark it as I'm going to update it weekly with a new review on one resource.

On a side note, I'll create video tutorials on my Youtube channel with the topics I learn, so make sure you're following me.

You can expect a minimum of two videos weekly 😉

That's too much to learn – Are you crazy?

Yes, but let's not get personal, shall we?

Jokes aside, the point of this challenge is to push me from a beginner Pythonista/beginner Fullstack developer to an advanced one.

I already know Python, I already know and used Django on a professional level, and also DRF. I don't need to learn how to use those technologies.

The aim of this challenge is is to learn how to use those technologies at an advanced level

I have professional experience but I want to write good, fast and secure code (yes, even testing!).

Instead of learning another framework or another language, I want to become pretty good at what I already know. I want my productivity to skyrocket.

Sure, I'm open to learning new things (as a good T-Shaped developer should be) and I'll learn Flutter, Docker, Kubernetes, Go, etc in future challenges, but productivity is right now my only goal.


Resultat d'imatges de summary

So, today, September 23th, I'm going to start my 100 Days of Code challenge where I'll learn Python and some of its frameworks.

You can follow my progress daily on Twitter (DavidMM1707) and learn with me and my tutorials on the topics learnt on my Youtube channel.

The last question is: What are you waiting to learn on yours?

Tell us in the comments what are you going to learn (or what are you currently learning!) and why on your 100 Days of Code. Good luck!

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