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Great article! I love npx. I recently setup a new machine and as I was getting stuff installed I realized there are multiple CLIs I would install globally, but now don't have to and can just use npx when I need them. Now, I'm thinking about creating bash aliases to have the commands ready and waiting.


I've very much considered doing this as well, but I'm still a total bash newbie and every time I've ended up setting up aliases they somehow get blown away.

I've absolutely considered shipping an additional command to my bitandbang module that just creates a child process and does all the commands I want to run (specifically for project initialization, which actually ended up documenting for the workshop here!).

There's some npm-y things I learned about recently that are launching in the not too distant future that I'm super excited about and am going to use to do this instead.


I'm not great with bash either. I have to search for everything whenever I need to make adjustments. I've been successful at adding aliases to my .bashrc file, but if it got blown away somehow I'm not sure I'd be able to debug that and would just have to recreate it. Thankfully that hasn't happened. It does remind me that I need to have a better place online to save things like this for later use.
That's awesome there is new features coming to npm to help your process. I'm excited to hear about them when they come out! I really like your workshop too. It's a very cool way to structure things for teaching folks.

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