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⬡.js - Developer Advocacy at Microsoft. Does: Node.js, Electron, TC39, OpenJS Foundation, NodeSchool NYC. Is: twete expert. script kiddie. Stringly typed. Opinions mine. he/they


Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Jest and the `--changedSince` flag in GitHub Actions CI

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4 min read

An Unintentionally Comprehensive Introduction to GitHub Actions CI

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#discussDiscuss: GitHub Special Event

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#discussWhat Makes Good Developer Tools... Good?

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The Awesome Features that Just Landed with Node.js v12

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Using npx and npm scripts to Reduce the Burden of Developer Tools

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My 🔥 First Experience Attending TC39

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Using npm's `ls` command for Fun and Insight

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#discussCommunity Bridge – community maintenance and funding for OSS?

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#showdevStep by Step Express: Evolution of an App Beyond "Hello, World"

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Start Contributing to Node.js in the New Year

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Hi, I'm Tierney Cyren

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