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Counting down to 1K followers

I'm almost at one thousand followers (993 and counting), and I'm unreasonably excited about it.

Interestingly, I'm also just under 10K profile views. I wonder if there's a reason for that, other than blind chance.

Anyway, just tooting my own horn here. (Funny expression that - I'm told it comes from the days when kings would have servants who announced their entrance by playing trumpets, and it would be a poor king indeed who had to toot his own horn. So am I insulting myself by saying I'm not a king? Seems like more of a rational statement than an insult. Obviously I'm not a king. Or am I showing praiseworthy self esteem. I don't know and I'm just rambling at this point, but what I'm really trying to say is, it's a funny expression.)

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