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Open Letter No. 1 To Ali Abdaal, Or, I Feel Personally Called Out

Responding to "πŸš€ Real Work vs Fake Work"

Hey friend,

I read your Sunday Snippets email today with the title "πŸš€ Real Work vs Fake Work", and I feel personally called out.

In the email, you said there's a difference between Real Work, which takes you towards the things that actually matter to you, and Fake work, which doesn't.

And that already felt like it was talking about me, but it got worse.

Later in the email, you said that an example of Fake Work is "to create content across social media with no way of attributing it back to the thing that really matters - sales."

I'm sure I'm guilty of this. But, worse, I believe I'm guilty of creating content across social media without having any plan for how it will lead to sales.

Often my content strategy goes something like this: Make a thing that I think people will want to watch because I find it interesting. Put it online and hope it builds an audience. Repeat and assume that someday I'll have an audience and someday, somehow, I'll sell something to them.

That smells an awful lot like Fake Work to me.

So how do I cut out Fake Work without completely giving up on creating content on social media?

I think it's by defining a clear plan to sell something, and then working backward from there.

Stay tuned to this blog to hear about my plan for selling something.

And let me know whether you think writing and publishing this blog was Real Work or Fake Work.


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