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Seth Corker

My main focus is JavaScript specialising in frontend UI with React. I like to explore different frameworks and technologies in my spare time. Learning languages (programming and real life) is a blast.


Bachelor of Design Innovation in Media Design, Victoria University of Wellington


Full Stack Software Engineer at Zego

How to animate scroll position in React

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#discussReact devs, why did you start using React?

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#discussWhat's the biggest tech-stack change you've had?

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Spinner Animation in React

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#discussReact Devs, Why don't you use React Native for Web?

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React Animation: Tap to Expand

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Framer Motion Bouncing Ball Animation

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#newsThe Future of Web Monetization

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A simple loading animation with Framer Motion

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Page Transitions in React Router with Framer Motion

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Animations in React - Getting started with Framer Motion

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Getting Started with Minimum Viable Reason

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Using the Resize Observer API with React

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What is Reason?

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Harnessing the Page Visibility API with React

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#discussWhat was your first programming language and why?

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#discussAre you really using JavaScript?

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#discussWhat is the biggest mistake new developers make when learning CSS?

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Why CSS is difficult to get right?

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Self-hosted Website Analytics without breaching user's privacy

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#showdevRunning Ruby on iOS?!

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Make a complex slider in React using SVG

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Moving from Medium to Ghost

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Animate your React App with Pose

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Efficiently Rendering Lists in React

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React Suspense — Load the Essentials

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How to Imagine an App

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