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Blockchain Day#1 : 5 Day Challenge

Hey folks...

I am a full stack web developer. I love to develop responsive websites using the latest framework & library support. But As we all know that these days it is not enough having only one skill at a time.

Blockchain, Bitcoin & NFTs are still in the development stage. There numerous amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs & business mindsets who are willing to start a company & earn the large amount of revenue.

To upgrade my skillset & to contribute something new to this field I have decided to have a 5 days challenge of learning blockchain. In this challenge I will try to learn & develop something new using blockchain.

Day #1 :
As blockchain is more about theory than practical, I decided to clear it's ground first.

  1. Learned the decentralized system of blockchain
  2. Completed the analysis of structural integrity of blockchain
  3. Started learning about bitcoin & it's connection to blockchain
  4. briefly Explored Bitcoin mining & it's rewarding system

Well, this doesn't seem like much but believe me theoretically, it is too much to grasp all this things in just a day.

After all this what I needed was Great course to kickstart my practical journey with blockchain. That's why I started to find a free course on blockchain.

Finally I have Found a good course on block chain which I will start from tomorrow.
-> The course is offered by world's one of the top leading Universities & also the course is of free of cost.
-> Here's the link :-

Finally, I ended my day with the basic learning about NFTs (non-fungible token) & it's increasing demand in today's market.

Day#1 Completed !! Now I am gonna go get my Tea [yeah you read it right ! Not every developer is fan of a coffee].

I hope that this guide will be helpful & will be able to become the part of your blockchain journey too.

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