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Creating your first NFT | Getting started with NFTs | Blockchain Day #2

Hey folks....

Today we'll be talking about NFTs. I was learning blockchain & I came towards a topic named non-fungible token. The topic of NFTs attracted my mind. I started having so many ideas where the NFTs can be used.

To implement my ideas, I started researching about NFTs, it's structure & it's existing usage in real world. NFT is simply decentralized conversion of digital images.

Digital Graphics are converted into the tokens which in turn are given for sale on the NFT marketplaces where interested clients come and buy them.

There are many ways for creating, converting & selling non-fungible tokens on marketplaces. The most common way to create the NFT is to use Metamask plugin in google chrome.

Metamask :-
The most known platform for the NFT trading is metamask. It can be used as a plugin in google chrome browsers. It allows the users an option for directly buying or selling their NFT projects on marketplace. The only con in metamask is that it requires the gas fees for processing the NFT orders.

I am new to NFTs and I didn't wanted to risk my money in a platform which I didn't know that well. To avoid the financial risk, I came up with the another research which does not require the new users to pay any amount for converting and selling their images on the NFT marketplace.

Follow below given steps for creating & selling your first NFT for free of cost:-

  1. Arkane
    Link :-
    -> Arkane is a good option for the people who wants to avoid the gas fees while creating & selling the NFT. Visit the Arkane's official site and create your new account for getting started with the process.

  2. NFT minter
    Link :-
    -> NFT minter helps in creating the NFT polygons of the given image. It automatically converts the given image or albums into the non-fungible tokens. It also does not require any gas fees for converting the image into NFT. Connect your arkane account with the NFT minter by clicking on the connect wallet button.
    ->After connecting with the Arkane wallet you will have to upload your image which you want in a form of NFT & give it a title & description so that clients can understand what you are offering to them.

  3. Venly Marketplace
    -> Once you get the success notification on NFT minter, Visit the official arkane marketplace. By clicking on the profile symbol you will see multiple options from which select inventory and boom !!!
    You will see your first NFT there.

  4. Selling your first NFT
    -> TO sell your NFT you will have to fix the price of it. Once you fix the price, click on the sell button. After that you will get 3 steps authentication. IN the step 2 you will be shown the default gas fees 21000 as displayed. But don't worry, go to adjustments & change that to 0 and click on next button & you will be redirected to the last step. Now, click on the submit to finally confirm that you are willing to sell your NFT.

After submission, you will be redirected to a page where your product will be shown as selling at your decided price on the market place.

Note that once you complete all these steps you will have to wait for about 24 to 48 hours for your order of selling the NFT to get initialized.

I hope that you guys will like it & it will help you.

Congratulations for your very first NFT !!!! Happy Earning to you guys !!!

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