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Dariush Abbasi
Dariush Abbasi

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Introducing A Python Wrapper for the Product Hunt API

_Unlocking the Product Hunt API, the Pythonic Way
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I’m thrilled to introduce, a Python wrapper for the Product Hunt API that aims to make your interactions with PH API simpler. Whether you’re a developer keen on integrating Product Hunt functionalities into your app, or a data enthusiast looking to scrape and analyze trending tech products, this library has got you covered.

Interacting with APIs often involves juggling with raw HTTP requests and JSON payloads. This library takes away that complexity and lets you focus on what you want to achieve. With, you don’t need to worry about the underlying API calls; you can perform a range of actions with simple Pythonic methods.


Simple Syntax: No more wrestling with API endpoints; use Pythonic function calls instead.
Comprehensive Coverage: Supports a variety of Product Hunt API endpoints.
Well-Documented: Comprehensive documentation and examples to help you get started.
To install, run the following pip command:

pip install

Quick Start

Here’s how to fetch the latest posts:

`from producthunt import ProductHunt

ph = ProductHunt(api_key=’YOUR_API_KEY’)

latest_posts = ph.get_latest_posts()
for post in latest_posts:
print(post[‘name’], post[‘tagline’])`

Expanded Examples

*Fetching Today’s Posts

today_posts = ph.get_todays_posts()
for post in today_posts:
print(post[‘name’], post[‘tagline’])

** Searching for Posts by Keywords

search_results = ph.search_posts(“blockchain”)
for result in search_results:
print(result[‘name’], result[‘tagline’])


For a more in-depth guide, please refer to the documentation on GitHub.

Conclusion is designed to make your interactions with the Product Hunt API as smooth as possible. Please feel free to check out the GitHub repository, and if you find it useful, don’t hesitate to give it a star or contribute!

Check out on GitHub

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