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Thanks for the shout out, I very rarely create content on here but I live the site. ❤️

I see from your images that you're using an old version of the app.

Version 7 includes a new API tab (next to the Collections tab) that will allow you to import you OpenAPI spec and auto generate a Collection from these.


That's something I'll take a look into! We work with the OpenAPI spec to do much of our Dev work, so it's the single-source-of-truth: I'll look if we can use some cli or API way of importing and maintaining the collection from that 👍


Ahh so the Ubuntu snap is still installing 6.7.5 as the latest


Yeah, there's an open issue around that, you could do this instead to get the 7.8.0 version:

sudo snap switch --channel=candidate postman

sudo snap refresh postman

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