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Show and tell: Show off your VS Code setup :)

danielw profile image Daniel Waller (he/him) ・1 min read

Hey DEV community πŸ‘‹

I primarily use VS Code for working with React/TypeScript and Python.
I could use some help and inspiration for really getting the most out of my VS Code experience!

I'd love to see your setups :)
From pretty themes and icon sets to your favorite plugins for productivity and ease of use.


Editor guide

Heres mine

Theme: Dracula
Icons: Material Icon Theme
Font: Fira Code



This is exactly my setup too!


Exactly my setup


Damn hell... I was with Shades of Purple, but I have to go back to Dracula... it's really too good!!!


guess who just changed his theme <3


Ooooo I like this, thank you


Just the most beautiful setup, ever!


Here's mine:

Theme (sorry, my heart is divided):

  • Dracula (best theme ever...)
  • Shades of purple (best theme ever... too)

Icons: VSCode icons
Font: Fira Code



Shades of purple was my previous theme I even had it for Hyper and iTerm 2. I would probably still be using it if it was not for the fact that I was doing a Kotlin tutorial with IntelliJ IDEA and the teacher was using Dracula which looked cool. Then I remembered that VS Code also has a Dracula theme with over a million downloads. I like my editors to look the same so I changed. But my mood can change like the weather and I never got bored of Shades of purple 😁


Yesss, I love Dracula too, it was my previous theme :)


Oh yes I've used that before as well!

If you like purple and feel really crazy, check out 'Cyberpunk' for maximum saturation purple and screaming green accents :D


I might actually give that a try when the game Cyberpunk 2077 is released. Total immersion 😎


I use lucy theme, it comes with 2 variations. I fell in love with the colors of this theme <3

For productivity plugins I like git graph since you can do a few things without the use of the git command and also visualize current branches and previous commits in a visual way just like GitKraken. I also use bookmarks plugin and GitLens to supercharge git support.

Icon theme: Material Icons

click me to see setup


that gitgraph looks really cool


What font is this?


It's Cascadia Code


Oh yes that git graph does look very nice! Will definitely check out lucy as well :)


ultrawide monitor for see all this stuf


This is actually NestJS, a nodes framework :)


I am a fan of Jetbrains Mono as a font, it's ligatures are fantastic.
As far as plugins, I don't have much other than some Rust-related stuff.
I have my terminal set to zsh, for convenience.
I am still looking for a good theme.


Oh they have ligatures as well? I never realized that...always just installed FiraCode. I'll need to check that out :D


I am exactly the same I did not know either I just defaulted to FiraCode. I will do the same it looks cool.


Hello! I use my own theme Mokka. It's developed especially for JavaScript and React development. Also, there is support for Python and PHP.

Theme: Mokka;
Font: Cascadia Code;
Icons: Material Icon Theme.

My theme Mokka is available on the marketplace: marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...

Mokka preview


Ooh good work! Haven't seen Mokka before. I really like the soft color pallete and clear design goal of minimizing visual clutter. Will definitely try it out :)


Here's my vs code setup :)

Theme: Ayu Dark Bordered
Icons: Material Icon Theme

I like this setup because of the darker background and the contrasting code colors and this makes the code clearly visible.


SynthWave '84 – Gimme that sweet neon glow.

vscode-icons – If it's good enough for the Goonies, it's good enough for me.

Fira Code – The first alternative-to-default font I ever used. Nostalgia.

GitLens – Must have
Dash – Use it all the time to look-up documentation
Snake Trail – Completely useless but something feels off without it


Wooah Synthwave Looks glorious 😍🀯


Here my VS Code setup, feel free to try.

Theme : Mayukai Theme (Mirage and Mono)
Icon : Material Icon Theme
Font : Iosevka Mayukai




I try to keep things very simple.

Sometimes dark and sometimes light.
Sidebar on the right and mostly hidden.
Font - Fira Code
Theme - Github light and dark


Yes! Github Light ftw I love how clean it looks


I went down this route of endless customization of VSCode (and others). Tried some cool note taking plugins too. But in the end I found I was more productive with a basic terminal and neovim using coc.vim. I try to keep things as vanilla as I can, and when I find I do something a lot I make it easier(shortcut key / plugin). Kind of like setting an alias in your shell.


VS Code screenshot

Theme: Dank Neon (I modified it a bit)
Icons: Material Theme Icons (Pale Night)
Font: Dank Mono

GitLens is great, Live Share basically makes VS Code work like Google Docs on your editor, Error Lens makes seeing errors really nice and clear.


Theme: Palenight
Icons: Material Icon
Font: Cascadia Code

Alt my Vscode Setup


I'm big into remote development with VS Code, so most of my setup centers around integrating Visual Studio Code with a remote development server (which itself is actually a VM) as well as Docker:
Connecting VS Code with a Remote Development Server


Just read your articles and it looks interesting! Might be giving it a go. I'm getting ready to switch jobs and I'll be given an equipment budget.. was thinking of moving to something more lightweight and portable because I have a rather beefy desktop already, this would definitely solidify that option!

Do you have to do any extra port forwarding when running web dev tasks? Like starting up a Vue dev server for instance?


I have nothing fancy. My theme is called "Neon (Deep Dark)" and is theme I derived from a theme called "Neon Vomit" that was in the extensions marketplace. I tweaked a few colors and made the background black.

Theme: Neon (Deep Dark)
Icons: No file icon theme enabled
Font: Consolas, 'Courier New', monospace

screen capture


Theme: Afterglow Orange
Font: Fira Code
Color scheme: Railscasts

Sublime Text 4



Yes, this is Sublime Text πŸ‘


Here is mine. Cobalt2 theme which claims to be the most friendly theme for you eyeballs.
My setup


Theme: AYU Dark Bordered
Icons: vscode icons
Font: MonoLisa



Theme: One Dark Pro
Icons: Material Icon Theme
Font: Jetbrains Mono

Additional Ext: Code Time, to track daily code time.



Theme: Monokai Pro (Filter Spectrum)
Icons: Monokai Pro (Filter Spectrum) Icons
Font: Dank Mono


Theme: GitHub Dark
Font: Fira Code
Icons: Seti (Default one)

VS Code


Theme: Nord
Font: Victor Mono
Nord theme VSCode setup