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Do you host and install your Postgres on your own?

I‘m curious if you host and install your Postgres Database on your own or if you use a Managed Service?

And if you are using a Managed one, please let us know which one.

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Lou (🚀 Open Up The Cloud ☁️)

I've never self-hosted, personally. Every time I've used AWS RDS.

If you're self hosting, the usual analysis would apply...

  • Do you have the necessary expertise to set it up?
  • Will you have the ongoing expertise to support it?

i.e what's the cost/trade-off's for you, and is it worth it.

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Daniel Author

Very interesting questions. Thanks.

There is another question coming up for me which weighs little bit more:

  • Can I find a German/European Provider for a Managed One which doesn’t conflict with GDPR?