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This Month in Solid #2: Welcome to ClownTown, Start docs, and more 😎

Hello friends πŸ‘‹
I hope you had a fantastic month! We are back for the second issue of This Month in Solid!
First, thank you so much for the fantastic feedback last month. I'm really happy you found it helpful, and I hope you continue to enjoy it.
This month had a ton of stuff happening, including something a lot of people had been looking forward to πŸ‘€
Before hopping into it, let's review how This Month in Solid works.

The format

Inspired by Ryan Carniato This Week in JavaScript and SΓ©bastien Lorber This Week In React, I plan to publish, at the end of every month, a compilation of updates, posts and videos about the Solid world.

Each post will be split in the following way:

  • Solid Updates: updates from the core team, organization, or documentation.
  • Ecosystem Updates: updates from people building stuff for or with Solid.
  • Found online: videos, posts, and tweets about Solid and/or Solid-related topics.
  • Things to look out for: announced things related to Solid and its community.

The goal is to give you a monthly update about all things SolidJS. So, without further ado, let's dive into our second This Month in Solid.

Solid Updates

SolidStart v0.7.0 - Calm Before the Storm

v0.7.0 - Calm Before the Storm

The last release before getting to 1.0 RC. In this release, you can count on the following things:

  • FileRoutes are their own export
  • Support for breaking out of nested routes
  • getServerFunctionMeta
  • Dropped direct interop with Solid's Request Event and H3

You can read more about it here:

SolidStart v1.0 RC - Clown Town

v1.0 RC - Clown Town

This was long-awaited, but we are super happy and proud to share that The v.1.0 RC is finally here!
This release is dedicated to everyone who contributed to the project and helped push SolidStart to what it is today!

You can read more about it here:

The Solid Docs now include SolidStart

Atila gave a fantastic talk at React Paris, and during it, he shared with the world this wonderful news:

Atila presenting the new start docs at React Paris

Yup, the Solid Docs now include SolidStart. We migrated everything that existed on the Start docs, enhanced some things, and are working hard to add new content.

You can check the SolidStart docs here:

Ecosystem Updates

Found Online

Things to look out for

Brenely will do a SolidStart talk at his meetup

This April 2nd, Brenely will be presenting a SolidStart talk at his meetup.

You can sign up for free here:

Atila and I will be speaking at CityJS London

This April 5th, you can find Atila and me at CityJS London.
Atila will present his talk, Solid's Max Reactivity, and I will present my talk, A nerdy guide to the web trending concepts.
Here is a 30% OFF on your Standard Ticket.
Just don't forget to say hi to us when you see us πŸ˜„

I will be speaking at ConfrontJS

This April 12th, I will present my talk, A nerdy guide to the web trending concepts at ConfrontJS
If you want to join me, you can get your tickets here:

Atila will be speaking at JSHeroes

Atila will open up JSHeroes on May 24th with his Are Signals worth the hype? talk.

You can get your tickets here:

Wrapping up

This wraps up the second This Month in Solid. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Let me know if you have feedback or feel I missed anything!

Another resource to keep updated with the Solid World is our Discord. You can join here:

See you all next month 😎

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