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Danial Dezfouli
Danial Dezfouli

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My New Spacecraft Browser Game with Vanilla JS

I enjoy creating mini-games or implementing interaction designs on the web.

And here is the browser game I've made recently!

Source Code:

Online Demo:

Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts with me :)

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Douglas McKechie

Nice. Looks good and plays well!

A few years back I really got in to making things with canvas, so it was interesting to take a look over the source code to see how you implemented it.

A few questions to kick off a bit of discussion...

  1. How did you learn the skills to make this game? Are there some particular tutorials that you took or books/articles read about canvas game development which myself or others here could benefit from reading/watching if we wanted to make a game like this?
  2. What aspects of the game were challenging to create, and what parts of the game were easier to implement than expected?
  3. Finally, any words of advice or tips or tricks you would like to share about creating browser games with JS?

I got in to software development because of games, and have loved playing with canvas in recent years. Nice to meet another person having fun with it.

Thanks for sharing.

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Danial Dezfouli

Hey Douglas,

You can learn the basics of canvas here with Chris like I did it a few years before:

Doing basic 2d stuff with canvas is so easy and has a main loop to draw and update that you can do this with a setInterval or for smoother animations with a recursive requestAnimationFrame

I have used canvas for stars, and most elements are implemented via DOM, and if you don't use a library like gsap, it would be hard to implement non-linear effects.

if you want to create a real-world browser game, it would be better to use libraries(engines) like for better performance and also better developer experience; I don't do it because I want to improve my skills and have something challenging for a weekends

And finally, for me, it's interaction design and not just a game which I always follow codrops and awwwards.