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dangolant profile image Daniel Golant ・1 min read

I've come back to the NY area after a few years, and was looking for suggestions on fun and engaging technical meetups of any size and subject. Meetup sometimes doesn't do the best job of surfacing these, so I was wondering what the Dev community could suggest!

So I'm not just freeloading, I would suggest the VueNYC meetup. It has an active slack channel and held a great event covering simple SSR vs Nuxt, basics with Vuex, and upcoming changes to Vue, when I attended in November.

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Daniel Golant Author

I've decided to use this as a public, collaborative, continuously-updated list :D

Two meetups I've attended recently:

  1. New York Tech Karaoke Meetup: Fun, casual, and social. Probably 10-12 attendees when I went in March, very welcoming and laid back, people from all sectors.

  2. Full-Stack Engineering Meetup: Hosted at Greenhouse HQ when I went, two really great presentations on programmatic Slack use (chat interface for CI, and Slack Police for on-topic reminders). Really loved the theme concept, the organizers did a great job keeping things moving while allowing time for mingling.

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Daniel Golant Author • Edited

Recently went to NY Linux User Group, which was hosting a talk on Crostini, a tool used to run Linux applications (in a secure fashion) on ChromeOS.

Also have been meaning to go to a Papers We Love session, got through the door of the Bitcoin one but was called away on pressing matters.

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