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Top skills you need as a JavaScript Developer Mahima Jaiswal

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No doubt, JavaScript development is a booming profile. Today there are around currently 12.1 million JavaScript developers in the market worldwide and drawing a salary of $110,673 annually, which equals $47.49 per hour.

These figures are clearly proving the prominence of JavaScript development. The profile is at its peak, and we have stepped into a programmer's world. Those looking to make a career have a bright future.

Though, what I have observed among the students is that their focus is only on their degree. They are not working on their skills. I am not considering them wrong, but I want to clarify that it's not enough; it will not make them the top-notch JavaScript developer they wish to be.

But don't be sad, I have a perfect guide for you. In this blog, I have listed the top skills you need to become a JavaScript developer.

Top JavaScript Developer Skills

1. Expertise in Core JavaScript

The foremost thing in learning JavaScript development is first learning the language itself. Though you don't need to be a master, it has its basic understanding of the paradigm and control flow.

Many people may find JavaScript a tough language to learn. It has gained a good share of quirks and gotchas, but it becomes your habit once you get into it, and you find it easy and more interesting.

It's like school mathematics, where you need to put the right formula to get the right solution. Similarly, many codes that everyone correct are sloppy, but the language is easy and written pretty eloquently when done right.

The fact is that JavaScript is both a dynamic and a prototype-based language, which may sound a bit irritating for a traditional-object background person. Still, there are some better ways that you can learn from an expert or experienced developer.

2. Client-Side Framework and Libraries

We find so many developers confused in the market in choosing the right JavaScript frameworks. But according to the job's perspective and learning curve, I recommend selecting either Angular JS or React JS. These client-side frameworks and libraries enjoy a great demand in the market, and many companies use them for app development.

Both the framework enjoys good popularity in the market or can also make a detailed comparison of these languages to choose the right one. But again, you can trust both unless you have a different requirement. I will suggest you learn both languages if you want a secure and brighter future.

3. Asynchronous Programming

The next important aspect of JavaScript learning is asynchronous programming. It allows the main thread of the program's execution while waiting for some other different method to complete. Also, learn about Prototypes, Hosting, Scope, Coercion, promises, callback, closures, higher-order functions how all these works in JavaScript.

4. Writing Cross-Browser Code

The next thing that you should learn is writing cross-browser code. It means the website or application you develop should be compatible with multiple browsers. JavaScript provides this compatibility to its applications and websites.

So, learn how to write cross-browser code well for developing websites and applications.

5. React JS

React JS, a popular JavaScript library that allows you to do amazing things most quickly and efficiently. It was developed by Facebook and used by top biggies like Reddit, Tesla, PayPal, etc.

This library has a very high demand in the market today. It has a Virtual DOM that allows quick modification and makes one of the important JavaScript development skills for 2021.

6. Redux

Redux is popular state management for React. However, it's a bit tough to learn and grasp. But you can make things easier by learning Context API. After learning this, you can proceed to Redux. The e-commerce functionalities of the React application need Redux. That's why learning Redux also becomes important for JavaScript developers.

7. Node JS

The following important skill for a JavaScript developer is learning Node JS. It is a run-time tool that enables to do Back-end framework. Today, many companies use Node JS for the back-end, making it a valuable skill for a JavaScript developer.

8. Git

The following skill on my list is Git, a version control system and tracking your coding changes. If you make any mistakes, it will take you back to your code's last version. Thus, learn Git as well for JavaScript development.

9. TypeScript

Earlier, JavaScript used to have many issues like browser compatibility, safety, scaling difficulty, and more. But TypeScript has made many things more accessible; it transpile to clean ES5 code, which solves many compatibility problems. It also allows you to write JavaScript in a more traditional object-oriented way like C#/Java.

Learning TypeScript helps you understand concepts like inheritance, interfaces, access control (public, private, etc.), and abstraction better. Another essential fact about TypeScript is that you can use it with a lint file which enforces specific coding standards.

10. jQuery

The next JavaScript library you should learn is jQuery. It's designed specifically to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, including the CSS, animation, and Ajax. Also, it's available free and open-source software. Today more than 73% of 10 million websites are using jQuery.

11. Communication Skills

Now coming to skills that are vital in every profession, i.e., communication skills. Yes, without it you can't get a good or your dream job, I can say. It's essential from a business standpoint.

You should be strong enough to get your things clear to your team and clients. Therefore, work on your communication skills too while preparing for JavaScript development.

12. Stay Updated With the Latest Technology

As you know, technology is evolving; you always have to keep yourself updated with the latest technological trends and advancements prevailing in the market. It will allow you to develop a market-ready web application for your clients.

No matter how many skills you have learned, going up with the latest practices is essential, and being a developer, you can't skip any updates. So, always keep on learning and brushing up your skillsets.

Final Thoughts
That's all it is! All these are the primary skills that every JavaScript developer should possess. Learn each and everything or consult an expert for a better understanding and guidance. But don't skip any single skillset. As you can see, every skill has a role.

If you want to become the industry's best JavaScript developer, mark Sheryl Sandberg's words, "Build your skills, not your resume."

I hope you find this post helpful in knowing the skill sets you need for becoming a full-stack JavaScript developer. Let me also know your feedbacks and suggestions in the comment section.

Good luck!

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