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10 Necessary Figma Plugins For UI/UX Beginners.

Enhance productivity and make your design process easier by including these plugins in your Figma workspace.

These recommendations are not based on my own experience alone but results from other designers that have used these plugins. The aim of this write up is to make your design process faster while you focus on creating beautiful and user friendly designs.

⦁ Remove BG
Remove Background is a tool that allows you to remove or change the background of a picture. It employs complex image processing methods to remove background precisely and leaving the image with a transparent background.

⦁ Charts

statistics and reports sections are common in most app user interfaces. This plugin helps to create beautiful charts to feature in both mobile apps and websites.
⦁ Mapsicle
Mapsicle allows you to easily add maps in your mobile and web designs without having to upload images. The plugin lets you search locations and use the the map to find specific locations.

⦁ Unsplash
Designs rely on images to make them visually appealing. So it’s no surprise that the Unsplash plugin is the most downloaded plugin on Figma. It has a large collection of free photos. With this plugin, you can easily add search its library and add images to your own UI designs from the plugin. There is no need to download images.

⦁ Figmotion
This plugin allows you to create animations directly inside Figma without having to use software like Adobe After Effects. it is an important tool for adding creative animations to your web and mobile app designs.

⦁ Font Awesome icons
Icons are just as important as images. icons can be found on all kinds of designs. And it’s especially a must for mobile UI designs. This plugin makes it easier to add icons to your designs.

⦁ Color search
If you’re looking for a creative way to put together a more interesting color palette for your designs, this plugin is for you. Color Search plugin lets you find colors by searching for things. For example, you can search the word “sky” and come up with 5 shades of blue. It’s actually a good way to add some personality to your designs

⦁ Wireframer
"Wireframing" is a common term in UI/UX design, A wireframe is a raw visualization of an idea. it can be created on paper or any other sketching tool. Creating a wireframe is beneficial, but it can be time consuming. This is why the "wireframer" plugin is helpful. It can aid with low and high fidelity wireframes by generating nice and unique SVG placeholders.

⦁ Brandfetch
Brandfetch is a figma plugin that allows you to access information about companies and their brands. It provides logos, colors, fonts and other brand information. You can use it for research or to get inspiration for your own branding.

⦁ Roller
Roller is a Figma plugin that looks for inconsistencies in your designs and fixes them for you. It will make sure you never make an error in your design systems. When prototyping, designers often make little mistakes that affect the consistency of the design . Since it’s a rapid prototype it’s perfectly understandable to make little errors. But, you won’t have to worry about these errors when you have this plugin.

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