What applications or tools do you wish existed?

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We all use a lot of applications and tools today. To automate, manage, ease your workflow our your daily lives, you have on your phone, tablet or computer tools and applications that make life easier.

But, sometimes you tell yourself: That would be really cool if there was an app for THAT. What is that for you? What would you love to use on a daily basis that doesn't exist today, or exists, but not the way you would like it to be?

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I really want to have a lean email client with filter for automatically sorting mails, keyboard only possibilities and a nice, customizable interface.
Also it should not hog 80% of my resources when synchronizing more than 4 accounts.

The automated sorting, deleting and archiving of mails is really important for me to stay on top of my inbox.

Tested a lot of clients, currently using ClawsMail and Mailspring but ClawsMail is too basic and Mailspring uses too much resources on sync with 6 accounts :(

Tried to write my own but did not have the time to make enough progress due to other projects.


A good dev-env on the iPad. When I leave the Mac at home but want to code, I have a small virtual server with VIM and TMux, where I can ssh into and do anything Terminal/Linux-based on the iPad.
This, but offline with sync. Think a small box that syncs via iCloud, and that I also could have on any other device powerful enough.


Some people advocate for Xcode on the iPad, but pretty much like you, I'd rather have an environment where I have a terminal and full access to the filesystem.

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