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I used ANDCO for managing my invoices and reports when I did a freelancing gig.


As silly as it sounds, I created my own browser-based tool (in HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/ a local MySQL database) to manage my projects, clients and track my time on a given project. But then, I have to open up a Google Spreadsheet to copy-paste each entries and sum up my hours, save to PDF, and attach it to an invoice sheet made from a separate Google Doc.
Yes, it's probably more convoluted than it needs to be, but that's how I've personally been doing it for almost 10 years. My plans for the near future is to hopefully transition this to a remote DB, running the web-app via NodeJS and simplifying the process a bit (removing the need to copy-paste the entries, save to PDF directly, using document templates per clients and such).


[] is pretty simple and good to start with. I used it years ago.

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