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Great advice. Here is a example from my personal life. I think it will fall under the automate your life category. I play football ( or soccer? ) at a semi-pro level. After every practice or match, we fill a form about a lot of things, fatigue, muscular pains and so on. However, certain things in the app they use are not needed by our staff. My side project is to try to work with my coaches to make an app a bit closer to what they need.

This is a long shot, it involves some things I might not be familiar with. But I will have feedback on my work and I know some people could use this app. So, that's the plan


Nice plan, Damien! This is how a lot of software starts "Find a thing that uses spreadsheets and make it better" type stuff.

Even if it's only used by the team, you might be able to get a good blog post, open source project and some decent learning out of it!

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