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re: This I think really depend on the design of your system. In angular/vue/react, the framework seem to have developed around the keyword this witho...

I use React quite often. So, I use this a lot. I use arrow functions all the time, so every single this I use refers to the outer most instance, the component, every single time. Definitely a personal preference anyway :)

the only advantage that I could think of using this is the ability of reusing functions. Using the method suggested by my friend will create a new function instance for every object created. But if we use class, essentially we are using prototype, so all the methods will only be defined once. It makes a difference when we are creating the same instance many many times.

It completely shatter the prototype which is bad IMO. Your friend's method not only create a new function each time, but prevent any ineritance.
Also, it's not possible to supercharge Car's prototype.

The "this" keyword can be tricky, but avoiding it leaves you in a land without OOP.

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