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What are the Top 10 Developer Websites You need to Visit Every Day?

Everyone has a daily routine, and tech developers are no exception. If you develop software or any piece of technology, you probably have your regular go-to website. It has to give you the latest news in your industry and helps you keep up with the trends and changes around you.

As a developer, having one or two websites that you trust the most and visit regularly is vital. This article will look into some of the top developer websites you should consider checking out. However, you can also learn about other websites that can help you stay on top of programming and development news.

Let’s get started.

Stack Overflow

One of the best websites that can help you grow as a software developer is Stack Overflow. It is a question-and-answer website where professional and beginner programmers share knowledge. This should be your go-to website if looking for answers and solutions on coding and anything programming.

Every programmer is familiar with Stack Overflow because of its helpful community. In 2018, the forum had 2 million new questions and 2.5 million answers. There were also over 1.6 million new users joining the community in the same year. These numbers show how helpful Stack Overflow has been to its users.

A List Apart

This is one of the best websites to visit as a website developer. A List Apart is a news source that provides website developers with the latest in their industry. It explores everything you need to know about web design, development, and the best practices you should stick to in your industry.

A List Apart aims at providing its visitors with the highest quality of content. Established industry professionals write the articles posted on the website. They cover a wide range of topics that relate to website design. The website has organized the articles into various categories to cover everything.

It will help to read widely if aiming to become an industry professional. Every leading web design company would want to hire experts in building websites. They want to make sure that their clients are beyond satisfied when it comes to the quality of work. Naturally, they would want professionals who take it upon themselves to consistently hone their craft.

These experts learn from websites such as A List Apart. Everything that they do from web design, development, and digital marketing is in these online resources. The level of knowledge these experts have makes it easy to consider hiring them.


Hashnode is a great resource for anyone who’s starting their coding journey today. It is a powerful blogging platform and community supportive of every beginner looking to climb the ladder. As a developer, you can use Hashnode to build your portfolio by starting your blog on your domain.

The community will be helpful whenever you experience any difficulties. The readership it provides, for instance, helps you avoid discoverability and content ownership issues. For newbies, the easy-to-use user interface will suit you. The 24/7 customer support team will also help you grow into a pro developer.


This is one of the best places to grow and work if you are into technology. It is a news source and also a community that brings together professionals in various technological fields. Launched in 1997, Slashdot is one of the tech websites that have been around for a long time and is worth your trust today. and are part of Slashdot Media that provide you with the best in the tech industry. These two provide users with software creation tools and software. They also make it easy for tech experts to collaborate from anywhere to create and distribute software.


SitePoint is worth considering if you would like to learn to code. It has many classes and eBooks that you can use to grow your programming knowledge to an expert level. SitePoint is a subscription-based website with plans starting at $9 per month or $99 per year, depending on your preference.

However, there is still a lot of content that you can access for free on SitePoint. But then, you need to consider owning a premium account if you want to take your skill to the next level. You unlock more than 80 eBooks and 5000 videos when you sign up for a premium account.

Google Developer

Another beginner-friendly developer website is Google developer. It is a user-friendly website that can help you learn everything you need to build better apps. This website also has various software development tools and platforms that you can use to grow your art.

Besides, it also has application programming interfaces (APIs) that are essential for every developer. The technical resources available on Google Developer guide users on making the most of every tool Google provides.


DZone is one website that’s worth bookmarking as a technology professional. It serves users with not only the knowledge but also tools and strategies that can help them grow. DZone publishes various resources on technology topics and also hosts a massive community of experts.

You can learn about programming, web development, etc., on this website. Besides, you can check it out regularly for DevOps news and beginner-friendly tutorials. It is a resource that serves technology professionals with everything they need.

Reddit Programming

As a developer, Reddit is an excellent resource to check out. It is the go-to community for the latest in the technology world. The forum contains discussions on the latest industry trends and hacks to help you solve a lot of problems.

New programmers can ask questions on the website’s forum and get answers from experts in real-time. There are sections dedicated to learning programming, asking questions, and even posting programming humor and jokes.

Smashing Magazine

Founded in 2006, Smashing Magazine is a website and eBook publisher for web designers and developers. One reason to consider reading this magazine is its reliability. Many expert web designers and developers worldwide rely on Smashing Magazine for practical and valuable articles.

You can find articles on any web design and development topic on this website. The website has various categories, and you can choose which one to open depending on your interest. These categories include CSS, JavaScript, front-end, UX and design, etc.

Hacker News

Hacker News is worth checking out for various updates on technology. It works like Reddit, but it is specialized for developers, catering to both beginners and established industry experts. This website contains all the news you need to keep yourself updated with software development.

The website has a simple and user-friendly interface. You can check out all the posts on the home page or click on other sections. For instance, you can click on the news section to view the latest posts. You can also click on the ask section to post a question to the community.


Keeping up with the latest in your industry is one of the best things to do as a professional. For developers, these are some of the websites to visit daily, if not every other day. They contain the latest tech news, hacks, tutorials, dummy projects, ideas, tips, and everything else you need to succeed.

Many other websites offer similar value on the internet. Thus, this list is not exhaustive in terms of websites that you can visit. All you need to do is research these websites, choose one or two that provide you with valuable content, and answer your questions.

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