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How to stay updated when working remotely

Ever since the coronavirus struck us, many companies started to work remotely. Not many were sure how it’s going to impact the quality of the workplace and the daily routine for developers. I personally feel that working from home helps me to boost my productivity. I'm able to achieve so much more. Yet, one of the best things about going to an office is that you could dive into a professional talk and get a hang of what's going on in the eco-system. 

The thing is that developers are always striving to learn and grow otherwise we will stay behind. I’ve been getting some comments recently that suggest remote work equals more time, but in fact, it's quite the opposite (at least for me). Now that we are apart, it's much harder to stay on top of updates and news in the development world. 

Why is it a big deal?

So when we at saw this situation we identified several problems:

  1. Low-quality content is all around. We would find ourselves going through 10-20 posts before we could find something that is actually valuable. 
  2. There are so many blogs and platforms to check every day. As of today, there are probably more than 500 English speaking publications (excluding personal blogs). That’s intense and nearly impossible to cover.
  3. It takes too much time to find a real gem. We don’t have time. It’s just too much to do both coding and learning. Trying to multitask simply reduces the quality of our work.

How about solving it?

To address these issues to all of you who care about staying up-to-date, without wasting a minute on searching dev news, we've developed It's a browser extension that collects hundreds of development news every day, ranks them according to the developers' community interests, and displays them on every new tab.

The extension is free of charge (forever), doesn't require signup, and the best thing that it's 100% open source.

If you feel like giving it a try go here:

Hope you guys enjoy it and make the best out of your remote working! We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down there 👇🏽 delivers the best programming news every new tab. We will rank hundreds of qualified sources for you so that you can hack the future.
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