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5 practical ways for web developers to stay updated in the latest tech news

The tech world moves forward at a staggering pace. Every day that passes it becomes increasingly hard to stay updated in the latest web development news. For many web developers, it is an essential part of our job. We either stay updated or stay behind. That is why we made this quick guide, especially for you! Hope you’d find it useful ❤️

Subscribe to development newsletters

Starting from the most traditional method - newsletters! There are tons of them out there so if you feel this method is the right one for you make sure to check our previous post: 10 useful web development newsletters

Pros: Carefully curated content. Bitesize articles.

Cons: Frequency is a bit low (once a week usually). Narrow to a specific tech.

Join a developers community

The beautiful thing about us developers is that we live online. That is the reason why many amazing communities were formed along the years to serve our need to socialize and improve our professional skills. Developers’ communities are great because they give you a good sense of what really matters at the moment for other people like you. DEV and Reddit/webdev are a good way to start (we are sure there are many other good communities worth mentioning).

Pros: it has a very clear context. You can interact with other devs around the news and posts.

Cons: Requires active involvement. Will probably consume much of your time.

Explore development news discovery platforms

For busy developers who really don’t want to spend much time, we recommend using development news platforms. It is usually a website or an app that aggregates articles from many different parts of the web. Some popular platforms are Hacker News and EchoJS.

Pros: a lot of content is being streamed over there so you can discover the good stuff.

Cons: content overload which makes it hard to find the good stuff. No filtering features.

Follow exceptional developers on Twitter

Many of the most brilliant and influential web developers are living and breathing on Twitter. If you want to get the sense of the web development world it is a good idea to find a few influencers that you appreciate and follow them.

As we don’t want to promote any specific individual in this post, we will leave it to you to find the ones you appreciate. I’m sure that in a simple search on Google you will be able to find them.

Pros: real humans with real thoughts. Highly interactive and fun (a bit addictive so be careful).

Cons: very opinionated. Not all tweets will be technical, some of them are personal thoughts.

Bookmark and read later

You probably had this moment that you found a good article or that a friend sent you one. In order to keep track try to make a habit for reading them later. First, find a bookmarking app that you like. We love Pocket and Raindrop but there are many other great ones in the market. Then, every time you find a good postת save it there for later reading. However, it is easy to never come back and read what you saved so make sure you fix time on your schedule to read it at least once a week!

Pros: highly focused only on things you found interesting.

Cons: easy to save but difficult to find time to read later.

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