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15 Awesome Developer Home Workstations

nimrodkra profile image Nimrod Kramer Originally published at daily.dev ・3 min read

Work from home is part of our lives now. This is probably where we spend most of our time, and we deserve an upgrade! I collected some of the latest dev workstations to get some inspiration for my own workstation upgrade. Here are the results -- enjoy!

1. The "Couples Who Code" workstation

Alt Text
Made by digi928

2. The "B&W" workstation

Alt Text
Made by Berlony

3. The "Work Hard Play Hard" workstation

Alt Text
Made by Diamonddog4

4. The "Neck Pain" workstation

Alt Text
Made by EkkoJun

5. The "Bookworm" workstation

Alt Text
Made by v1dal

6. The "Self-Surveillance" workstation

Alt Text
Made by Warat Wongmaneekit

7. The "Visionary" workstation

Alt Text
Made by ChicagoProper

8. The "Nature Boy" workstation

Alt Text
Made by EvanBarbour

9. The "Practical Dev" workstation

Alt Text
Made by ncktyler

10. The "Productivity God" workstation

Alt Text
Made by sukisogreat

11. The "Ambient Light" workstation

Alt Text
Made by flobernd

12. The "Xbox-First" workstation

Alt Text
Made by mburn14

13. The "there's gotta be something wrong with that guy's" workstation

Alt Text
Made by Browsingredditnow

14. The "keep it simple" workstation

Alt Text
Made by Jokosmash

15. The "Not enough screen space" workstation

Alt Text
Made by berzemus

Which one did you like the most? Comment below πŸ‘‡πŸ½

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Adding the "two desks coupled by a chair" workspace(s)






Maker's Station! Love it!


Nice πŸ˜„, The "B&W" workstation looks simple. I can see a laptop is connected to Monitor and then also has another PC , So how can both laptop and PC can be controlled by only one mouse ?


I have logitech M720 Triathlon mouse and MK850 keyboard - it has 3 Bluetooth profiles. Really happy with it. The mouse scroll wheel can be a bit loud, but there is a button to silence the grrr grrr grrr. TBH - the scroll noise doesn't bother me - it bothered my co-workers when I still had co-workers.


Maybe "Mouse without Borders" or any other similar software


Looks like Logitech MX Master 3 which can take advantage of Logitech Flow software. Can use one mouse seamlessly on multiple devices.

This workstation stood out to me too!


To share kb/mouse across PCs - try Input Director (free), Synergy, or Multiplicity.


I use a USB hub to my monitor, which lets me use peripherals between PC and MacBook with a press of a button. Love it!


Here is my setup, not very comfortable to focus, but a bit better for health
Treadmill Desk


Haha, I love this.

I was always wondering how can I make the most from running and learn coding at the same time. You inspired me :)


I had to add a workspace for my wife (she's a teacher) during the COVID school shutdown. It cut my office space in half but at least my desk situation remained the same and now that she's back at school, I gained a second workspace. 😁.had a view of the city


I can tell you exactly what's wrong with the "there's gotta be something wrong with that guy's" guy -- the same thing that's wrong with a lot of us -- a complete lack of space and needing to make do with what we've got.


I love the "Couples who code" work station... It's really look amazing...


God these names were funny af, especially the "neck pain" workstation. They all look great, thanks for the laugh!


number 1 is just beautiful! (though I think I'd stare at the view all day long instead of working 😁)

This is mine: mouse and keyboard on the left can control both the desktop pc and the laptop in the corner, through a kvm switch. During the lockdown, my wife worked from home too: she loves my 21:9 monitor so she used it with her work laptop, while I was on the 3-display setup on the right.

workstation picture


How about my "Orange Seltzer" workstation!
desk with 2 monitors, orange lights, and an orange seltzer


Hahaha #13 was the best one πŸ˜‚ besides that I started feeling left out of the "cool workstations" crew. I only have an standing desk, my laptop and a small Smart TV being used as a secondary screen xD


Just Followed You By Looking at images in this post and also the titles of your previously looking blogs.


Cool those are some pretty dope setups they are giving me some ideas for mine.


Really Love This :-*

Thanks and Regards


The "there's gotta be something wrong with that guy's" workstation, I like that one.


hahaha... Interesting 😁.


Just wonderering how working with a xbox just under my eyes would make me more productive x)
Otherwise, these stations are awesome, expecialy B&W


14 : The "doggo" workstation


I liked the Productivity God ws

Of course, I'm still in school and can't have such a thing. But I'm dream of having such a cool and awesome work station some day


I like the "Not enough screen space" workstation, it looks like a small company where everything is a mess :v


I really liked the "Couples Who Code" workstation.
Would love to have a workstation with view someday.
Thanks for the post


That's what I said when I got a house and then ended up buying one that made me have my office in the basement lol! Plan ahead! Maybe in the future I'll have an office built upstairs with a proper view πŸ˜ƒ


Mine will be "Messy Workstation" :)