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Fatih Aygün

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Rakkas can now power fullstack RealWorld

Rakkas “the dancing web framework” is a web framework built on React and Vite. RealWorld is a demo app specification with more than 100 implementations in various frontend and backend frameworks. The just released version 0.3.0 of Rakkas now has a feature set rich enough to power a fullstack implementation of RealWorld which works even with JavaScript disabled (a good test of Rakkas's SSR abilities). See it in action!

This port served as a test bed while developing the new version of Rakkas: We fixed the bugs we stumbled upon, we added features we missed, and we redesigned APIs we deemed unergonomic.

It also served as a test bed for establishing Rakkas best practices: Session management, authentication, unit testing, API testing, end-to-end testing, data validation, database access, and many other things that need to be done in a real world application has been tackled. See the github repo for a more in depth explanation of how everything works.

The new version also comes with much expanded documentation and the next version will focus on static site generation.

Although still in early development and not ready for production use, we feel that this release puts Rakkas on the map as an increasingly promising contender for building real-world web applications. So go ahead and give it a try: you can even do it in your browser!

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