The Worst of Kat

ctrlshifti profile image Kat Maddox ・1 min read

I'm flat out of creativity today, so I'm just going to compile the content I've most successfully terrorized Twitter with. Hope you enjoy!


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That last one is still one of my absolute favorites


That tweet about finding a solution instead of doing it made me laugh so hard πŸ˜‚ I did something similar 4 day ago with a Bootstrap <table>.


That last one kills me!


Now I'm just sitting here laughing out loud.


Last one is best!πŸ˜†


thanks for that start in the morning :)
But I (Fullstack with Angular) go often for a beer with my React friend.
We both hate Frontend development the same


Soo I do 3D art, disciplined has assets and you can use git. But it's also free flowing and fun. Can't recomend blender enough!