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One Week Into Lambda

After one week at Lambda School and I’m really impressed with both the school and my own abilities. I seem to really grasp the subjects and I'm having a blast immersing myself into the projects. I go above and beyond, pushing myself on each module, because I find the modules fun.

The projects are fun, interactive, and simulate real world problems making them all the more exciting. I find myself spending hours of overtime, losing myself in the projects.

The weeks are set up so there are 4 days of classes, 8 hours a day. The final day (Friday) is what they refer to as a sprint challenge in which they give you an objective centered around the previous 4 days of learning. This past week was centered around HTML and CSS. The material was run through pretty quickly, but HTML and CSS are pretty simple concepts to grasp. During the week I developed a portfolio site (which I hosted on netlist and provided a link to at the bottom of the page.

We covered basics and advanced HTML and CSS including responsive design, flexbox, and accessibility. I went from a basic understanding of web develop and design to design a complete basic, responsive portfolio site. It's not the most involved site, but I'm really happy with the outcome.

This week is javascript basics and just like last week I continue to excel in the modules. I'm excited for what the future holds and even more so after my first week here at Lambda. I have found my calling. Full stack web development is whereby belong. I'm home.

Link to netlify portfolio site one week in (warning there is no functionality yet):

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