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Week 2 into Lambda School

So, week two at Lambda Schools is done. I did a buildweek bootcamp this weekend and learned the basics to JavaScript. This included basics functions, arrays, and object-oriented programming.

I have to say that this is the farthest that I have ever made it learning JavaScript. While, I was trying to do the "learn on your own" method I would always give up right around the time the concepts started to become semi-difficult. HTML and CSS are fun to learn, because you can see the result of your progress happening immediately, but JavaScript is so much more involved.

The structure behind Lambda Schools (having to be at the computer during class time and the 2hr lectures you have to be present for) kept me pushing along and I was able to fully grasp how objects, arrays, and functions are all useful. I was able to understand scope and closures.

Coming to Lambda still remains the best decision I have made to advance my skills and understanding of full stack web-development. This was a big milestome for me to finally be able to grasp these topics I have started to learn and give up on so many time before.

So, know 2 weeks into Lambda School I can honestly say that I have a great understanding and working knowledge of HTML and CSS. I also have a solid foundation of the concepts and utilization of JavaScript variable scope, hoisting, and decleration; data structures and types, for loops, while loops, if...else statements, objects, key:value pairs, arrays, defining functions, and calling functions.

These are all topics I never thought I would come to truely understand. I thought I would be a script kiddie my whole life and in just the past week I have come to understand their uses and actually love the topics. And just to think this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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