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Elm and TailwindCSS with purge included

Elm with Tailwind CSS

What ?

A simple start project with an Elm using Tailwind CSS styles with purge included.

Why ?

Because Tailwind CSS is nice and when use it with Elm is a lot of power and beauty.

How ?

Ensure you have recent versions of Yarn and Elm installed and then run:

yarn dev
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If that works you may open your favorite browser to http://localhost:5000/ and
make changes to your code live.

If you want to export a final optimited version of your code you may run yarn build.

Please take a look to:

  • package.json
  • postcss.config.js
  • tailwind.config.js
  • public/assets/pcss/styles.pcss
  • src/Main.elm

NOTE: Of course you can use NPM instead of Yarn, in that case you may change the
watch scripts from package.json from yarn calls to npm calls.

Where ?

This repo is initially published at
and you may see a demo at

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Carlos Saltos

UPDATE: we moved from Tailwind CSS to Elm with Elm UI, it's a lot better, here a video tutorial about it