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How to use Elm extensible records


Sample code for declaring and using Elm flexible structures to extend records with more fields dynamically and safely.

The sample goes around the idea of a visual theme at the file Theme.elm and
different ways to use it.


The sample code is at


Sample 1

The first sample contains just a basic record extension without further parametrizations

Sample 2

The second sample is also a basic record extension but inside
and extra field

Sample 3

The third sample uses records for two different cases of extensions, this is more usual and this is the reason to consider using Elm record extensions.


The sample1 and sample2 are just a warming up for reference only, you would not create a record using extensions with you are the only user of that record.

The sample3 is more realistic and normally it's used from different modules on different files and even on different projects.


Do not use extensions everywhere, just in the places that makes sense, this samples are using some colors and visual styles on a theme but as a reference only, extension are not the best solution for actual visual themes and certainly not the only one.

A more realistic use case is the requirement to use a common model shared with different pages on a SPA application and even from several SPA applications, this common model can be defined with Elm record extensions that is what we are starting to use at and it's working like a charm.

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