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Frontend, Backend and Fullstack In Software Development, explained.

You must have wondered what the differences are between a Frontend Developer, Backend Developer and a FullStack as a beginner or Web enthusiasts.
In this post, our example will be on Web Applications.
Without further ado let's delve in.🥳

The Generic name.

Let's first talk about what leads to being either a Frontend, Backend or Full Stack developer, which is Software Development.

Software development is the process of creating computer software using one or more programming languages.

Types of Software Development.

  1. Web Development.
  2. Web Application development.
  3. Mobile Development. Read more

Web development vs Web Application Development.

The simple difference between them is,
Web development is more like building a less interactive software, like a site that simply tells you about a business belovedtwins, while Web Application Development is the creation of a high level interactive web software, e.g facebook or Github.
Knowing this simple difference between Web development and Web application development.

Building a Web Application.

In building Web Applications we should know the 2 parts of a Web Application, which are:

  1. Frontend : in abstract, the frontend of a web application is simply the visible part of the application (User Interface) and more in-depth look is the feel (User Experience) of the web application. The person in charge of this part is called a Frontend Developer.

  2. Backend : this is the logical part of the whole web application system, it is the more critical part of a web app. This include Payment Processing, User Data handling , A.P.I creation(resources meant to be accessed by mobile phones for the Mobile version of the particular web app or other software like Desktop apps.), Frontend integration and so on...
    A backend developer handles all data coming from the frontend and the data is being processed, stored, or returned back as information to the user in the Frontend.

Having these 2 skills of a Frontend Developer and a Backend Developer in one person makes him a FullStack Developer😌.

Note: Frontend, Backend and FullStack terminologies in Web Application are also applicable in other Software Development Areas such as Mobile Application.

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How to know what kind of developer to become.😌

What Technologies should you use as a Frontend, Backend or FullStack Developer ? You wanna know ?😌

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I love how you stated the difference between web application and website.

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Nwachukwu Wisdom Ndubuisi Author

Thanks for reading 🙇🏽‍♂️🙂💪

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Assia Chemlali

Nice explanation

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Nwachukwu Wisdom Ndubuisi Author

My appreciation 🙇🏽‍♂️

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Shatha Al