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Understanding the Cloud: Service Categories

Hello everyone, recently I started to study AWS to try some certificates in the future. To improve my knowledge, I will start to talk about cloud and more specifically cloud using AWS platform. For this first article, I will share with you the types of cloud services.

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The first category is Infrastructure As A Service, which is the most used type of cloud. I think it's because you have a lot of freedom to do whatever you want. Some popular services are AWS, GCP and Azure. In this kind of service, you are responsible for everything. In this case, the cloud just provides servers and storage. You're responsible for the virtualization, the operating system on the machine, the data and the applications. You also have to deal with updating your system and maintenance when you have some problems or when the application is off.


Platform As A Service, it's a kind of cloud, you only need to take care of your application and your data. In this kind of cloud, the OS, updating your OS and machine configuration is the responsibility of the service. You only need to upload your project and use it. Examples of P.A.A.S.: GCP App Engine, AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


Software As A Service is a common type of service, you just need to buy a license for the service and use it. I don't have to worry about the application or how it handles your data. It's like a CRM, you just use it.

Well, this is my first English content and my first time talking about cloud. I will read and study more and create more advanced content.

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Cherry Ramatis

I always get confused on the difference between those categories, really awesome to have such cool content

Great article!