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Chat with my UI/UX Book and Get Tips for your Projects

Last year, we launched "Roots of UI/UX Design," a book created for developers and designers who want to understand how to design effective and engaging user interfaces, enabling them to apply this knowledge to their projects.

We wanted this book to be engaging so that readers have an enjoyable experience. This is why we included:

  • Numerous practical do's and don'ts examples
  • QR codes that connect to even more examples
  • A Figma file for practicing the skills

Now, we have taken our book to another level of interactivity! We created a chatbot that lets you talk with the book and ask anything you want about UI/UX design.

👉🏻 Try this book chatbot now for free!

For example, you can inquire about UI/UX principles, seek opinions on color schemes, and much more. It's like having a real mentor by your side. Isn't this amazing?

What's even more interesting is that you can chat with the book in any language you prefer!

Check out some examples below:

book 1
book 2

You might be wondering what tool we used to create this chatbot. This AI assistant was incredibly easy to set up thanks to GaliChat. We trained the chatbot with the book's PDF, and it took approximately 4 minutes to complete everything.

👉🏻 Now try this book chatbot and let us know your thoughts!

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